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A watch brand that manually manufactures original watches at an atelier and store in downtown Kuramae, Tokyo.

The brand name [ARKRAFT] is "AR-", which has the meaning of connection, which is said to be the etymology of "ART" in art and "ARM" in arms.

"KRAFT" in German, which expresses productive and creative power such as productivity, labor, and natural power

It is a coined word that combines these two words that you always want to keep in mind.

~ Concept ~

"Functionality as a wristwatch tool + fusion of warmth and play unique to handwork"

[Standard], which is most in line with the concept
Based on the good old clock design of the early to mid 1900s [Vintage style],
Aware of modern simplicity and playfulness [Modern style],
Emphasizing the originality and individuality of the work [Individual style],

With these 4 lines as the axis, we continue to aim for works that will continue to be used with attachment 10 years and 20 years from now.


~ Material ~

Watch cases, dials, and other materials that have been used in accessory production for a long time, such as brass and silver, to give them a taste.

The watch belts are handmade one by one with high-quality Italian leather tanned with vegetable tannins that are gentle on the skin.

All the internal machines are from major domestic watch makers.

~ Maintenance ~

All watches come with a one-year warranty from the time of purchase.

Even if the warranty period expires, it is handmade, so we will accept almost all repairs as long as the parts and materials are not out of print.

In addition, the initial defect rate is kept below 1% because all watches are checked for one week before shipping.

* Failure within one month of purchase is considered as an initial defect. Excludes battery consumption in store inventory.

~ SNS ~

Facebook ... We will publish mainly the latest event information and new work information.

Instagram ... We will mainly publish the inventories of the actual stores in Kuramae.

Twitter ... We will publish store sales information, production information, commitment of each work, etc.

Blogger ... We will publish the theme of each work, explanation of belt leather, maintenance information, etc.


​Creator Profile

Name ... Hidekazu Araki
Born in 1980 Born in Taito-ku, Tokyo

2006 ... I was attracted to the world view of handmade wristwatches that individuals can express at a price range that everyone can reach.

Joined JHA (Japan Handcraft watch Association) represented by Koji Shinohara, who has been making watches by hand for about 30 years.
Worked as the manager of "Handmade Watch Studio" (closed in 2010), which was developed in the Loft Shibuya store as a directly managed store at that time.

At the same time, he learned how to make handmade watches from Mr. Shinohara in the watch class.

2009 ... Moved to JHA Kobo and started production as a watch writer "ARAKI / Ark" while working as a repairman.

2012 ・ ・ ・ Independent from JHA's workshop. Opened an atelier and shop in Kuramae, Tokyo as "ARKRAFT".

Currently, while having original works handled by select shops and general stores, they are also sold at events such as physical stores and department stores, and they are also active in a wide range of activities such as OEM production of corporate novelties and double name works with fashion brands.

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