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* This work is made to order. The basic delivery time is about 1 month because it takes 3 weeks to make the watch and 1 week to check the operation.

A custom-order pocket watch that allows you to order the dial and chain in any combination you like.

This is a work using a rounded round pocket watch case.


* If you purchase the separately sold [Message Option] at the same time, you can change it to a Message Watch that allows you to put your name and short message in any combination of alphanumerical characters on the dial.


◎ You can choose your favorite combination of dials from 1-12. (1-10 is a white background, 11-12 is a gold background)

◎ The needle is basically the same color as the case, but a black needle is also possible. (Dials 11 and 12 are gold hands)

◎ The image work contains a message, so the reference price is ¥ 29160.

Custom Pocket (Grass size 33mm)

  • Chain length ... 380mm
    size ... W40mm / D53mm / H13mm
    Material ... Brass movement ... SEIKO quartz lens ... Reinforced acrylic lens Non-waterproof, warranty period 1 year

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