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This work is made to order. The basic delivery time is about one month because it takes a few weeks to make the watch and one week to check the operation.

It is a work with a fireworks motif.
The design is based on the image of the spread of fireworks, and the light of the fireworks is expressed by using a gorgeous blue shell that reflects rainbow colors on the dial.
Red is the image of fireworks at dusk, black is the image of fireworks in the night sky, blue is the image of fireworks in the blue sky, and green is the image of fireworks in the forest.
The case uses a square shape in the image of a photo or forehead.
This is the size for women.

Janis mini (Glass Size / 16mm)

  • size ... W20mm (including W21mm crown) / H9mm
    Material ... Brass, genuine leather, stainless steel (back pig)
    Movement ... SEIKO quartz lens ... Reinforced acrylic lens Non-waterproof, warranty period 1 year

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