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Based on the design of ladies' watches, which was often seen in the early 1900s, this work is conscious of modern simplicity and play.
It features a classic round case and a calm gold rounded number on a black dial.
There are unplated brass fabric cases and black-dyed cases. When the black-dyed case is used, it changes to the brass color of the ground like the discoloration of jeans.


◎ If you do not take care of solid brass or black brass dyeing during the sweaty season, patina may appear. If you are interested, we recommend that you purchase the [Plating Option] at the same time and plate it.

Ras (Glass Size / 16mm)

  • size ... W20mm (including W22mm crown) / H9mm
    Material ... Brass, genuine leather strap, stainless steel (back pig)
    Movement ... SEIKO quartz lens ... Reinforced acrylic lens Non-waterproof, warranty period 1 year

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