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* This work is made to order. The basic delivery time is about 1 month because it takes 3 weeks to make the watch and 1 week to check the operation.

A custom order watch that allows you to order the watch case, dial, and belt in any combination you like.
This is a large men's size work using a simple type watch case with few claims.
* If you purchase the separately sold [Message Option] at the same time, you can change it to a Message Watch that allows you to put your name and short message in any combination of alphanumerical characters on the dial.

◎ Choose a watch case from solid brass or black-dyed brass.


◎ If you do not take care of solid brass or black brass dyeing during the sweaty season, patina may appear. If you are interested, we recommend that you purchase the [Plating Option] at the same time and plate it.

◎ You can choose your favorite combination of dials from 1-12. (1-10 is a white background, 11-12 is a gold background)

◎ The needle is basically the same color as the case, but if you specify it, you can use a black needle for solid brass and a gold needle for black brass dyeing. (Dials 11 and 12 are gold hands)

◎ Wearing on the wrist The first image is worn by a man with a wrist circumference of 17 cm, and the second image is worn by a woman with a wrist circumference of 13 cm.

Custom Simple Large (Grass size 33mm)

  • Belt width: 20mm on the watch side / beautiful lock, 18mm on the sword tip side
    size ... W37mm (including W39 crown) / H11mm
    Material ... Brass, genuine leather, stainless steel (back pig, beautiful lock)
    Movement ... SEIKO quartz lens ... Reinforced acrylic lens Non-waterproof, warranty period 1 year

  • * Please see the FAQ for a detailed explanation of leather.

    The image uses [H-Gray].

    ◎ "Etrusco" E-Brown, E-Dark Brown, E-Navy, E-Black
    Tanner / WALPIER Tension, grained, glossy

    ◎ "Pueblo" P-Brown, P-Gray, P-Camel
    Tanner / BADARASSI Tension, no grain, no gloss, with file marks

    ◎ "Havana" H-Brown, H-Gray
    Tanner / BADARASSI Soft texture with a little glossless color unevenness

    ◎ "Shrink" S-Green, S-Red
    Tanner / Tochigi Leather Co., Ltd. Soft and grainy, glossy

    ◎ "Chiguri" T-Orange
    Tanner / BADARASSI Soft and textured and glossy

    ◎ "Revlon" L-Gray, L-Navy, L-light Brown, L-Black

    Tanner / 800 company There is tension There is grain There is a little gloss

    ◎ "Beluga" O-Sax

    Tanner / 800 company Soft textured and glossy

    ◎ "Babel" B-Gray B-Tan

    Tanner / TEMPESTI company With tension No grain No gloss

    ◎ "Maine" M-Blue

    Tanner / TEMPESTI soft   with grain   matte

    * The lining of the belt is made of vegetable tanned pig leather, which is resistant to rubbing and has excellent breathability. Please consider the color for reference only.

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