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Recommended scene to give a wristwatch with a name engraved with your feelings

Watches, which are popular both as fashion and business goods, are always worn and are a standard gift item. If you want to make a gift with originality that you want to make a difference because it is a classic, we recommend a wristwatch with a name on it. It is possible to engrave various names depending on the recipient and the scene, not just the name.

A scene that pleases a wristwatch with a name

Events such as birthdays and anniversaries are perfect scenes for presenting a personalized wristwatch.

A wristwatch is always worn, so every time you see a number full of memories, you will be able to remember your feelings at that time. If it's just numbers, it doesn't stand out too much even if it's engraved on the dial, and it catches your eye every time you look at the watch.

In addition, a wristwatch with initials and a name has a message of "only you", and is a gift that will please Valentine's Day. A wristwatch with the names of two people engraved on it has the meaning of "keeping time together", so it is recommended for wedding anniversaries.


Situations that please men's and women's personalized watches

Men will appreciate watches with dates stamped on their success or promotion at work. For example, a date may be stamped on the celebration of the success of a large project, or a promotion anniversary may be stamped. Many men wear watches as part of their business wear. Being able to remember a successful experience at any time by looking at a wristwatch will also be vital to your work.

Women will be pleased to have a stamp related to love and family, especially children. If you engrave a special anniversary for only two people, you will be delighted.

Also, when a new life is born, it is recommended to give a wristwatch with your child's birthday and initials engraved on it. It can be used by mothers until their children grow up, or it can be decorated to keep an eye on their growth. In the future, it could be given as a gift to grown-up children.


Recommended engraving other than numbers and names

The most major stamps are initials, names, and anniversaries. For birthdays, we recommend your name and date, and for your wedding anniversary, we recommend the initials and date of the two.

Unlike a message, it has the advantage that the meaning can be conveyed just by looking at it. Not only numbers and initials, but also short messages may be engraved. If you engrave the words of the proposal on the dial and give it as a gift, you will always be impressed.

Also, if you engrave a message of gratitude to those who have taken care of you, you will get power every time you look at the watch.


If you want to engrave a message or an unforgettable moment on your wristwatch dial that you want to keep for a long time, use ARKRAFT. At ARKRAFT, we carry men's and women's watches, and we support engraving on custom-order watches.

It is possible to put initials, names and short messages on the dial, so if you want to give a watch as a gift, please use it.

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