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Introducing a handmade wristwatch that shines with the individuality of a watch writer!

Japanese handmade wristwatches, which can be purchased at affordable prices, are popular as fashion items that insist on individuality and as gifts and gifts.

Here, we would like to introduce two representative brands of handmade wristwatches, in which the attention of watch writers is scattered everywhere.


"KS" that catches the eye with originality / Koji Shinohara

"KS" is a wristwatch brand by Mr. Koji Shinohara, a leading Japanese watch writer.

Mr. Shinohara is also known as the founder of the Japan Handmade Watch Association "JHA". The "KS" wristwatch features an original design that makes it easy to recognize it as a "KS" at a glance.

At first glance, the appearance of "steampunk", which is a combination of gears and screws, may seem Western, but the warm texture of the entire watch makes it a perfect match for Japanese clothes.


"ARKRAFT" that gives novelty to universality / Hidekazu Araki

"ARKRAFT" is a watch brand by Hidekazu Araki, whose master is Koji Shinohara.

The "ARKRAFT" wristwatch made of brass and leather, which becomes deeper as you use it, will continue to be enjoyable to use. The unique charm of "ARKRAFT" is that you can find "innovative" in "ordinary", such as the fact that it looks like a very general dial and has been modified.


Handmade wristwatches that shine with the delicacy and careful handiwork of Japanese people are recommended as gifts and gifts for special occasions. Wristwatches that exude the individuality of each artist will be pleased with the special feeling that cannot be experienced with mass-produced wristwatches.

If you would like to give your name to such a wristwatch, please use ARKRAFT. At ARKRAFT, we accept names on the dials of handmade watches.


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