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If you are looking for an antique wristwatch, we have men's and ladies' watches [ARKRAFT] -Why watches are chosen as gifts-

If you are looking for an antique watch, check out the work of the watch brand [ARKRAFT] ...

The watch brand [ARKRAFT], which manufactures antique watches at its atelier and store in downtown Kuramae, Tokyo, is based on the concept of "functionality as a watch tool + the fusion of warmth and play unique to handicrafts". We are developing 4 lines.

I was fascinated by the world view of handmade watches in a price range that anyone could afford, and started the business.

It can be purchased by people of all ages, from students to working adults, so if you are looking for an antique luxury watch, please see the work of [ARKRAFT].


We have antique watches for both men and women [ARKRAFT]

Antique wristwatches bring out the charm of adults.

Since the work of [ARKRAFT] uses brass, silver, and genuine leather, you should feel the warmth and playfulness in the luxurious feeling. We are developing designs that can be used by men, women, men and women, so please choose according to your preference.

Please note that the basic delivery time is around one month.

Why watches are chosen as gifts

An increasing number of people are giving watches as gifts to their loved ones. Many people think that if you just check the time, you can do it with your cell phone, but it is not very smart to look for a cell phone in your bag or pocket and check the time.

In that respect, a wristwatch is always at hand and you can check the time smartly. In addition, many of them have both functionality and fashion, and are items that can claim their individuality.

With a custom watch, you can also choose the dial design, font, belt material, and color. Wristwatches are still firmly established as a special gift for loved ones, as they can be freely designed from simple to original.

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If you want to get an antique wristwatch, go to [ARKRAFT]

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