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If you have an original wristwatch with a name on it, go to [ARKRAFT], which handles men's, ladies', and unisex watches.

The original wristwatch has a special feeling by putting a name on it! [ARKRAFT] is safe for maintenance

Why don't you put your name on the original wristwatch to give it a special feeling? At [ARKRAFT], you can make only one original wristwatch in the world with Custom Order, which allows you to freely combine watch cases, dials, belts, etc.

Rest assured that the watch you purchase is backed by a one-year warranty. Of course, we accept requests for maintenance and repairs even if it exceeds one year. Please feel free to contact us.


The original wristwatch with the name is left to [ARKRAFT], which handles men's, women's and unisex.

If it is an original wristwatch with a name, please leave it to the watch brand [ARKRAFT] that is particular about the material.

[ARKRAFT], which offers ladies', men's and unisex, uses materials such as silver and brass that become more and more tasteful over time.

The belt is made of vegetable tanned leather, which is gentle on the skin, and is handmade one by one, so you can enjoy the change to a deeper texture as you use it.

Reasons why personalized gifts are appreciated

Some of you may want to give a surprise gift to your loved ones. However, in that case, there is a concern that you may not be wearing it with another person or you may already have it.

If you want to see the happy face of the other person or make a surprise, we recommend a gift with your name on it. Having a name makes it the only gift in the world. You can create a special feeling while making a surprise, so it is perfect for expressing your daily gratitude to your loved ones.

The name is also the first gift you receive from your parents. Many people cherish it because they live with that name for the rest of their lives, and many people are attached to the item with the name on it. Therefore, you will be pleased if you give a name to the item you want to use for a long time.


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The original wristwatch is named [ARKRAFT]

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