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If you want to put your name on your wristwatch, go to [ARKRAFT], which is handmade one by one at the atelier and store in downtown Tokyo, Kuramae.

If you want to put your name on your watch, go to [ARKRAFT] in Tokyo.

If you would like to put your name on your watch, please use the watch brand [ARKRAFT], which has an atelier and store in downtown Kuramae, Tokyo.

At [ARKRAFT], we make original watches one by one by hand using materials such as brass and silver that have been used for accessories for a long time, as well as skin-friendly vegetable tannin tanned leather.

You can optionally put your name on the dial to make only one original wristwatch in the world like no other, so feel free to leave it to us.

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Put your name on your watch and be surprised! [ARKRAFT] works that are also recommended as gifts

Why don't you put your name on your watch and give a surprise gift to your loved ones? At [ARKRAFT], you can choose from thousands of combinations of watch cases, dials, belts, etc. to create your own watches.

There are many unisex designs for men and women regardless of gender, and it is also recommended for those who want to give it as a pair watch. We also accept wrapping, so please let us know when you place an order.

Difference between men's and women's

There are three types of watches: men's, women's and unisex. In most cases, men choose men and women choose ladies, but it's not just the design that makes a difference.

Basically, the men's size has a large dial and a thick belt so that it fits well on the thick arm of a man. The ladies' size, on the other hand, features a smaller dial and a narrower belt designed to fit the arm of a delicate woman.

And the unisex size, which is between men's and women's, is characterized by a beautiful design. It is popular with men who prefer smaller size and women who want larger size, and is recommended for a wide range of people.


However, the size varies from store to store, so it's a good idea to measure the size around your wrist before you buy a unisex watch.

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If you are looking for a personalized watch, please contact [ARKRAFT]

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